GUY.exe Roblox Song ID

"Guy.exe" by Superfruit is a super fun song that has created a rage among listeners, especially among millennials. The song basically is the description of a perfect guy who is not like all the boys and leads a great life with financial and emotional stability. It basically describes the desire of a perfect man and how he could have led his life with efficiency.

The main point of the song is to tickle the humour of the audience as a part of the comedy show hosted by Superfruit on YouTube. The duo singing the song (Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi) in the video is a member of the Grammy Award-winning acapella group "Pentatonix."

Here is the Roblox Song ID for GUY.exe by Superfruit we hope you enjoy it.

How to use the GUY.exe Song ID in Roblox

To copy the Song ID for GUY.exe just click on the above button and it will be automatically copied to your clipboard. You can then paste the code into your favorite Roblox music player or boombox.
Alternatively, you can highlight the code below and use Ctrl+C to copy the code.
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